Bonifacio Consulting Services

The Insider's Perspective on Medical Device Manufacturing

With a laser focus on the medical device manufacturing industry, Bonifacio Consulting Services (BCS) helps medical device contract manufacturers, private equity groups and OEM’s optimize their operations and grow organically as well as through mergers and acquisitions. BCS consultants have started, sold and had significant operating roles in medical device manufacturing companies and bring decades of proven experience and a vast network of industry connections.

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Client Challenge:

Educate the industry about the value of the entire BCS team and their services, differentiate BCS from the competition, streamline communications and refine the corporate brand to align with the value proposition.

Service Highlights

  • Marketing, content and communication strategy
  • Audience persona discovery
  • Messaging and positioning
  • Executive bios
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website
    • audit, improved navigation, content, design, maintenance
  • New marketing collateral
    • design and content
  • Iconography creation
  • PowerPoint templates
  • Events and sponsorships
  • Quarterly newsletter
    • design, content, distribution
  • Editorial content
    • copywriting, editing, placement in leading industry publications
  • Blog
    • on-going content creation
  • Social media marketing

Project Overview

Mark Bonifacio reached out to B2Launch with a challenge to help take his already successful consulting business to the next level. Mark is a well-connected and well-respected leader in the medical device manufacturing industry, and the company had a history of success that hinged largely on Mark's network and past experience. This presented the challenge that most people didn't understand the value the entire BCS team brought to client engagements, and also that as the business grew and new skills were added, these new offerings were not always well-recognized.

B2Launch marketing strategist, Rebecca MacLeod, started by developing an understanding of the company's various service areas, then helped define the audience personas. She conducted a full assessment of existing messaging, positioning, collateral, website, social media platforms, and consultant bios. She also researched competitor and complementary service providers. 

Next, Rebecca worked with the team to fine-tune messaging and positioning, created new team bios and developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Rebecca then secured industry writers to help with content production and brought in B2Launch Creative Director, Kimberly Witchey. The website and social media platforms were updated to reflect the improved position, new marketing materials were created to provide a professional cohesive image for the company, and a steady stream of valuable content is now being produced to showcase the team's talent and distributed via industry publications, events and social media.

Rebecca is the on-going fractional VP of Marketing for BCS, with Kimberly Witchey as Creative Director.