FenoLogica Biosciences

Looking Beyond the Cell

The FenoLogica platform enables researchers to do what they haven't been able to before. With a unique, cloud-based cell analytics system, FenoLogica simplifies real-time cell analysis, and allows researchers to perform their work with 95% less cost and at 10 times the speed of conventional methods. 

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B2Launch Involvement

Rebecca MacLeod has been involved since the inception of FenoLogica. She spear-headed naming and visual brand efforts, and continues to facilitate all of the company's marketing & PR efforts.

Translating Complex Technology into Meaningful Terms

The companies we work with at B2Launch often have very complex technology. This can be a challenge when working with founders and company stakeholders who have a deep understanding of their technology, but have difficulty simply conveying to the world what they do. While their target audiences may understand, there are also the potential investors, media and general audiences who need to be considered.

FenoLogica is no different. Rebecca worked with the company from its inception to develop a name and visual brand that was unique, memorable and would resonate with the field, but still be workable with everyday audiences. She worked with founders and the technical team to understand the technology and its value to the various audiences, then created language and marketing assets to successfully get the information out to the world.

Service Highlights

  • company naming
  • visual brand
  • value proposition
  • audience personas
  • messaging and positioning
  • website design and development
  • PR and media relations
  • content marketing
  • social media marketing
  • copy creation
  • creative direction
  • on-going marketing & PR support
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Seattle Business Magazine

FenoLogica was featured in the October 2017 issue of Seattle Business magazine.

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FenoLogica Announces Five Pilot Customer Sites

The company has five pilot customers in the US & Canada!


Technology Inspired by Nobel Prize Winners

FenoLogica's platform expedites research done by Nobel prize winners.