Planetary Resources

The Asteroid Mining Company

Planetary Resources, Inc., – the asteroid mining company – was founded in 2009. Planetary Resources, Inc. aims to be the global leader in asteroid mineral exploration. The company has significant experience in the engineering of space systems from cradle to grave and established expertise in critical space system functions in the global team. Planetary Resources will be the leading provider of resources for people and products in space through its goal of identifying, extracting, and refining resources from near-Earth asteroids. Planetary Resources was acquired by ConcenSys in October of 2018.

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B2Launch Involvement

The asteroid-mining company engaged Rebecca MacLeod of B2Launch to develop a suite of marketing assets to announce a deep space exploration mission on a very tight timeline.

Rebecca is an all out marketing machine. We hired her as a consultant for a major marketing program spanning several months with a hard deadline. Rebecca formulated our audience personas, drafted scripts, storyboards, coordinated video shoots, managed a website redesign and most importantly kept the entire project on-time and on-budget. She was a perfect force multiplier when we needed it the most. The most incredible part of her work was her on-boarding time. We are a HIGHLY TECHNICAL, engineering-centric business with a complex customer base. Rebecca was able to fully assimilate our mission, culture, brand, and customers in about two weeks, something that normally takes half a year.
— Director, Sales & Business Development, Planetary Resources

In a few short months, Rebecca managed the production of multiple high-impact deliverables including a full website redesign, a 3D animation illustrating Planetary Resources' upcoming mission, infographics and live-action films.

Service Highlights

  • audience persona discovery

  • messaging and positioning

  • vendor sourcing, negotiation and management

  • website redesign and deployment

  • copy creation

  • creative direction

  • led the development of new marketing assets for the mission:

    • infographics

    • 3D animation

    • live action films

    • fact sheet

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Preview: 3D Animation

Rebecca worked with the company and a professional animator to create an exciting visual representation of the company's upcoming mission. 

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Preview: Infographics

Rebecca helped the team create numerous infographics to easily explain the complex mission.